Viscerosomatic consequences in sports | Jelle Zandveld

The body is a marvelous series of connections, each affecting function in other areas. By addressing each of these systems holistically and using manual techniques as well as proper nutrition, we can unlock the self-healing possibilities of the patient and restore mobility.

From an osteopathic viewpoint, or total body approach, there are things to be learned from understanding the impact that human organs have on a player’s physical and mental development.

The human body inherently looks for balance, economy and comfort. Thus tightness and restriction in the visceral structures and connections can lead to significant mobility issues that may impact sports performance.

In this 50/50% theoretical and practical module, Jelle will explain how the the anatomical and neurological connection influence performance and what can be done about it.

After finishing his osteopathic DO at College Sutherland in Amsterdam (2005), Jelle completed the BSc in sports-osteopathy at the OSD in Hamburg (2015). He specializes in the osteopathic treatment of elite athletes from all different kinds of sports. He has helped people reach their goals to participate in, or win Olympic medals, World-, European or National championships.

Jelle enjoys working in the team around the athlete where he tries to complete the medical team in a holistic osteopathic way. He has been teaching golf and physical treatment and was a part of the Austrian PGA teaching team. Jelle is now teaching world wide on the viscera-somatic connection in elite sports.


IAO Headquarters
Kleindokkaai 3-5
+32 (0)9 233 04 03


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€ 495

lunch, coffee, thee, etc. included
syllabus included
certificate of attendance


January 22-23, 2021

8.30 am – 6.30 pm


Kleindokkaai 3-5


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