Functional Screening & Rehab: the basics | Martin Prassé

The purpose of this module is to investigate what we can and can not use functional screening for. Based on the available research we are going to set up a framework for when and how we can use screenings of movement to guide our clinical work in rehabilitation and injury prevention. The screening process will be divided into a general screening of basic movements and a sport specific screening with the aim to help us in the decision making of when an athlete is ready to return to their sport.

During the module we will discuss when to consider manual treatment or training interventions. Furthermore, we are going to touch base on how we can test different parts of the athlete’s physiology and look at what benchmarks research already has provided us.

Of course, this module applies the necessary practical skills in order to do an effective and quick screening of movement and analyzing the findings to help in our clinical reasoning and decision making.

Martin Prassé is specialist in sport specific performance training, sports injuries and rehabilitation for athletes ranging from international elite over veterans who seek to get back in shape to leisure athletes who wish to have fun and improve their health. He has experience with sportsinjuries and work related pain syndromes in muscles and joints in the truncus and extremeties since 2005.

Martin has a Masters Degree in physical training and nutrition from the University of Southern Denmark. Besides his personal training, Martin teaches Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicin to American college students studying abroad. He bases his work and training on research, being a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy.


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March 2021
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