Servaas Bingé

Servaas Bingé


Servaas Bingé actually needs 36 hours in a day, but that does not bother him to do what he thinks is right. As head physician of the medical staff of Lotto-Soudal cycling team , he wrote the book “Never to the doctor again” from his experiences as a general practitioner and sports doctor, in which he empowers people to take matters into their own hands. He is the ideal man in this education to talk about the curative, but especially about the preventive role as a therapist.

“Doctors today are experts in diseases, but should also become experts in health.”

The starting point of every lecture is the ‘Healthitude’. Healthitude stands for the combination of ‘Health’ and ‘Attitude’: The attitude and the daily choices we make for our own health. His past as a musician proves that he feels at home as a speaker. Nice visuals and a broader story through his presentations make them very pleasant and inspiring to follow. In February 2018, the start-up Emma is launched, which enables this preventive mindset in health through the latest technologies.

Impossible is not in his dictionary.

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